Monday, July 18, 2016

Fall/Spring Recap at RCC Animation

I had a wonderful year at RCC Animation. I learned a lot but was able to forge my own path and try out my own "style" with every assignment. The first semester (traditional animation) came out a success. My short film (along with a handful of other very amazing films) was chosen to be part of the RCC Animation Showcase and in June, we all celebrated our hard work! The link to my final Fall semester film is below:

Final Film Fall 2015

I'm really proud of it. It still needs work, the polish isn't a full polish, but it's MINE and that in itself is what makes it worthy.

I shifted gears in the spring semester and took Storyboarding 101. Coming up with story and characters, figuring out camera angles, backgrounds, design... This is why I love film as a whole, not just animation. The creative process going in to achieving a cohesive piece is (almost) the best part of the film industry. You get to be free to create and try without the restraints of "I did all this work but it doesn't look good and now have to start ALL OVER!". I did a final short film for that semester as well. Sad to say, it did not come out as successful. I attempted to use new technology to put my piece together and ended up running out of time. My own fault. I think the idea I had was good and would have turned out pretty great had I focused half as much as I had the semester before. Lesson learned.

This next semester will be all about the production pipeline. I'm not entirely sure what that entails, but I'm eager to begin. There is a short film required for the final of that class as well and I'm already coming up with ideas and characters (and no doubt bugging my friends for their opinions!). I don't want to be caught rushing for time. It's about quality this time around. The idea is solid, the characters are getting there, and now it's time to buckle down and make some movie magic!!

The journey continues!

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